Android 2.2 Froyo Update (Finally) Arrives For Epic 4G Users

Posted by on February 22, 2011 at 3:14 am

It seems like Sprint’s second big 4G flagship phone got a bit of an unfair rep before it ever released. Samsung’s previously hyped efforts (namely, the Instinct and its ilk) were buggy phones that received little support post-release. With the Epic, Samsung has a winner of a phone with solid hardware and solid software that people looked over for HTC’s EVO 4g slate phone for a huge reason: Froyo. How it took them this long to bring the 2.2 update to the Epic we may never know (Froyo was being released to hardware when the Epic arrived on store shelves last September), but now that it’s here, it’s time for Epic users to celebrate! A round-up of features and updates inside:

As of the time of this writing, the only way to get the update directly was via executable through Samsung’s support web site. This was single-handedly the most janky phone update I’ve ever done: after installing the update to my PC, I was forced to replace the battery in my phone, perform a magical spell with the buttons on the phone, and watch it transfer the update to the Epic. This method (before the Over The Air version starts floating out to users) flashes your phone back to factory settings, so hopefully you had all your programs, contacts, and other information backed up before proceeding. After a brief install, it finally came up, and I got to experience the following cool features:

– Snappier response across the board, noticeably in the Gallery app that was easily bogged down with the 3D presentation
– Graphical tweaks to TouchWiz interface and Google icons that look better.
– YouTube widget sports Featured Videos
– Alarm Clock, ringtones, and other features that can use customizable sounds no longer require special folder to be setup (i.e., no longer having to create an “Alarms” folder and dumping MP3s to it to have different alarm sounds)
– Chrome to Phone. Install this on your Chrome browser and on your Epic and with a single click, you can transfer web sites from your computer to your phone, great for if you’re on the go.
– Dedicated silence/vibrate option now available from system pull down menu
– Dedicated button in camera app to flip from primary camera to front-facing camera, dedicated button to change camcorder resolution, preview of previous movie/picture on Gallery button.

These are just a few of the list of additions and tweaks new to the Epic after an hour of messing with it. I’m sure you’ll find more, but you’ll find the update is well worth the 200+MB install.

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