Apple is Being a Bunch of Dicks

Posted by on February 15, 2011 at 8:57 pm

When you buy an app for your iPhone, iPod or iPad 30% of the cost goes to Apple, this is how it’s always been and developers have been pretty okay with that. Now though Apple is taking that 30% and charging developers based on their subscriptions. What does that mean?That means that since you paid Pandora $36 for commercial free music now Pandora will have to pay 30% of that to Apple, for every customer that has a subscription. So now this content that is being distributed from the developer and has nothing to do with Apple, except for the fact that you have a nifty app that connects to the content, is getting charged a fee. Next, Apple is going to tell developers that have ads in their apps they need to fork over 30% of that revenue! Also maybe they go after eBay and say for everything that is bought through the eBay app we want 30%. It just doesn’t make any sense.

What happens now? Well, apps like Rhapsody, Pandora, Slacker, Netflix, Hulu, any newspaper subscription app, etc. might just pull their apps.

Way to go Apple.

[via: TechCrunch]

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  • AntiApple

    This sounds reminiscent of Comcast charging Level3 to push Netflix content across their internet lines to the end user that is paying Comcast for a connection to the internet. Bunch of money hungry suits I tell yah.