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Posted by on February 2, 2011 at 8:00 am

Audio Books

Who really has time to read, anymore? I mean, REALLY…with everything that we have going on in the world today: working longer hours, dropping off the kids, paying bills, taking the car in for an oil change, getting our soul sucked out by CityVille and Angry Birds and just trying to keep things together, I don’t know a single person who has the time to sit down and read a book anymore (Well, except for Nick but I’m not even sure he’s human…He’s like a terminator with a pipe and a goatee)

Fortunately we have had, for some time now, the world of audio books. Now, I know what you’re thinking. You remember the olden days when an “audio book” was a big box with 12 cassette tapes in it. You would try to listen to them in your car on the way to work but you were always so busy fighting traffic and trying to wipe the spilled coffee off your crotch that you never really manage to get any readening done. (See what I did there? It’s like reading and listening but I made it in to one word because it sounds all hip and modern…ok, it was lame, shut up)

So you’d spend all this money on “books on tape” and they’d either never get used because you couldn’t really enjoy them in the car or because you’d try to play them in your kid’s / brother’s / mom’s cassette player and they’d get eaten.

Well, now with the advent of the ubiquitous mp3 player and sites like Amazon, Audible and other audiobook distributors, you can fill your iPod or Zune or other mp3 player with all the audio books you like and take them anywhere you want. You don’t have to lug around a huge (lol, huge…kids don’t even KNOW) walkman and worry about re-spooling the tape when it gets eaten OR about the CD getting all scratched up or eaten by the new puppy, so it’s unplayable. You can just pop in your trusty earbuds, hit play and drift off into whatever book you’ve chosen for yourself.

It’s also necessary for me to say that the audiobook readers are WAY better than they used to be. I listened to several books on tape back in the day and let me tell you…SNOOZEFEST! Well, the readers the audiobook publishers are hiring now are much more upbeat, better spoken, and easier to listen to. It is actually very enjoyable listening to them.

So if you’re the type who, like many out there, just don’t have the time to crack open a good novel, I suggest giving audiobooks a try. Go ahead, expand your mind. Everyone’s doing it these days. It won’t hurt you…

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