Libya’s Internet Curfew

Posted by on February 21, 2011 at 1:01 pm

Libya is doing the same type of protest that Egypt was doing, demanding accountability and change from their government and it looked like Muammar Gaddafi decided to try the whole shut off the internet thing by implementing a curfew. This comes after 84 Libyan’s have been killed throughout the protest.

Renesys confirms that the 13 globally routed Libyan network prefixes were withdrawn at 23:18 GMT (Friday night, 1:18am Saturday local time), and Libya is off the Internet. One Libyan route originated by Telecom Italia directly is still BGP-reachable, but inbound traceroutes appear to die in Palermo. A minority of our peers report some surviving paths through the peering connection between Level3 and Telecom Italia, but traceroutes into those prefixes fail, suggesting that the Libyan cutoff is complete.

We wondered whether anyone would repeat Egypt’s strategy. Tonight, it appears that we have our answer.

The internet came back on after about 8 am local time and then it repeated the next night. I don’t know if this will continue, but I’m sure if it happens again I’m sure the Libyan people will get what they want here soon.

[via Renesys by RRW] [image Flickr]

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