Really? Screw You US Broadband Providers!

Posted by on February 15, 2011 at 6:38 pm

This just pisses me off. In Hong Kong you can get 1 Gbps internet access for only $26/month. I’ve always known that you can get faster internet access in other countries but I didn’t know they were so cheap.

Right now at my house I’m only able to get up to 20 Mbs and I pay $80/month. Oh and when I say up to, I really mean it, my internet speed is usually between 15 Mbs – 18 Mbs. Really? Sharing the internet with 3 people who all stream media 24/7 and play games online I can’t even watch Hulu in HD half the time because the bandwidth is all eaten up.

We are the United States, we’re supposed to lead the way in technological advances but I can’t get a guaranteed and faster speed? AND THE PRICE!?!?!

Right now the FCC is trying to put together a national broadband plan that would provide 100 Mbs internet to 100 million homes. I bet mine isn’t one of them and the cost would be about $200/month.

June Lam, HKBN’s Associate Director of Marketing said:

Symmetric 1 Gbps broadband at US$26/month (HK$199) is a global breakthrough service, and is by far the best value in terms of cost per Mbps in Hong Kong. We are pleased to contribute towards making Hong Kong a global Fibre Oasis.

Don’t think you need 1 Gbs? Well you can get 100 Mbs for only $13/month. That makes me sick.


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  • Anonymous

    Shyeah, it’s ridiculous.

  • Even worse when half the time my ISP can’t manage to keep me over 2.5MBs, downstream.