Sprint’s First Windows Phone Lands March 20th… And I’m Not Getting It

Posted by on February 24, 2011 at 1:30 pm

As the self-proclaimed World’s Largest Windows Phone Fan, it seems incredibly difficult for me to actually own a Windows Phone. Eight years loyal to Sprint and three years loyal to the Windows-based Zune phone, Microsoft launched it last October with internationally-favored GSM hardware to reach the broadest audience out of the gate. This meant no Sprint phone. Now that the HTC Arrive has finally been announced, I have to say with a frown and an air of disappointment that I’m still not going to get my hands on one. As Bob Dole once said, I just can’t win.

Believe me, I was more ready than anything to upgrade to a Windows Phone in October. My Palm Pre was falling apart, the camera failed, the facade cracking, and then the Xbox makers announced that they weren’t bringing it to my carrier until ‘first half 2011’, a six month window that would’ve made for an intolerable wait. I picked up an Epic 4G (which is a fantastic phone) knowing I’d be in this situation when the phone(s) were finally announced. I’m in Sprint’s Premier plan, so I would’ve waited until September to get a great discount, because right now the phone is $449.99+ with zero discount. Unfortunately, starting April 1, I’ll also be falling into the version of Sprint’s Premier plan that only gets an upgrade every two years like other, more normal humans. I’m not waiting until 2012 to get one of these bloody things, but it’s going to be *cha-ching!*

I had honestly considered getting one of T-Mobile’s models free in their recent Free Weekend and getting a cheap data plan, but that would’ve put me out further.

So, there, Microsoft, I guess I still won’t get a Windows Phone. Take that.

*runs to bedroom, slams door, sobs uncontrollably into pillow*

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