Using Your Phone To Call People? Huh?

Posted by on February 25, 2011 at 2:25 pm

What you see above is how Sprint views how I’ve used my phone in the past month. That half gig of data? Not scary. The texts? Nothin’. That talk time? That’s where they have to be shaking up. Seriously, who uses their phone to talk to people?

It doesn’t seem that long ago that when you had a cellular phone, you had a number of minutes and you used it to talk to people. The intellectual portion of the phone included saving your phone numbers and usually a game of Breakout and/or Snake built-in. With the rise of SMS, we’ve seen the move away from making a call each time to transmit information, arrange a dinner, or send loving emotes to short, discrete text messages without the awkward need to keep a reall conversation moving. With the rise of data and the smartphone, we now see VOIP apps like Skype and Qik – which can now include video – that use the data sub-feature on your phone’s subscription to facilitate chatter, rather than the phone company’s minutes – the root of your plan. This is probably why carriers are shedding unlimited data plans.

How many minutes do you use on your phone?

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  • I don’t like how impersonable it’s become but I admit I text more than talk on the phone. Also, asking for someones name to look up on facebook is a lot easier than remembering a 10 digit number.

    • Anonymous

      But if by being impersonal, we’re increasing our ability to communicate, how much more impersonal are we being?