Firefox 4 Out Now

Posted by on March 22, 2011 at 3:31 pm

That’s right, I swear last night I was just checking on the latest version and it was still RC and now it’s out as a final product. There is about 5,500 downloads of the new version every minute.

It seems Mozilla is also jumping on the Chrome bandwagon as a lot of the UI reminds me of Chrome. You can make it look just as sexy as mine in the picture below if you right click on the toolbar and uncheck “Menu Bar,” that will make the bar take up 64 pixels compared to Chrome at 61 or IE9 at 56. One of the really cool features that’s built in is the tab groups. It allows you to put tabs in multiple groups, you can think of it as spaces on OSX and Linux.

I still noticed that it takes longer than Chrome and IE9 to open, I was totally hoping that was going to get fixed. I might do some benchmarking on the browsers this week to compare.

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