Sprint Will Pay You To Switch To Them ($125 To Be Exact)

Posted by on March 14, 2011 at 2:45 pm

You read that right. Sprint will pay you $125 if you port your number from another carrier essentially splitting most ETFs in half. I’ve been a Sprint user for about 8 years now and have often attempted to preach to friends and friends of friends about the joys of the company. Already having some of the lowest prices in the industry currently and the most well established 4G network (though admittedly the WiMax future may not look so bright), as long as one has good service in their city of choice I think Sprint is one of the most compelling cell phone providers on the market today.Keep in mind, this $125 is in Sprint service credits so you aren’t receiving cash, but instead a fat credit will be on your account once you port your number over.

The deal expires on April 14th so be sure to make the move sometime over the next month.

Source: Android Central via Sprint

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