Windows Phone Hits 10,000 Apps, Nick Still Doesn’t Have One

Posted by on March 12, 2011 at 10:03 pm

Outpacing Apple’s App Store and Android’s Marketplace in their respective five months after debut, Microsoft’s Windows Phone has surpassed 10,000 applications, a great sign for the platform as it goes forward. Oh, sure, those other stores have been out for years and Microsoft has to compete with existing standards, but the momentum being where it is (and building!), signs are looking up for the fledgling Zune phone.

Some day I’ll have one, too. *sniff*

Source: Engadget via Windows Phone 7 Application Listing

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  • Yeah, and how many of these make lightsaber and/or farting noises?

    • Anonymous

      I simply can’t complain about the quantity of lightsaber or farting apps. CAN NOT.