Cisco Kills Flip

Posted by on April 13, 2011 at 7:00 pm

Three years ago, I got a bunch of people together to film Achievements; Sam showed up with a chunky little camera with a display slightly larger than a postage stamp. It was Flip’s first model, and while it paled compared to the $1400 Sony HD camcorder I was filming with, it was pocketable and a USB connector hid in the side as a spring-loaded switch. The quality was rubbish VGA and Sam used it to film behind-the-scenes stuff, but over the following years, Flip would end up developing a pretty big following.

You pull it out of your pocket, you press two buttons, and you start recording. That’s it. The cameras became more refined, less look-what-I-got-from-the-claw-machine quality and with the Mino model, got high definition recording as well. We were actually looking at getting a few for our documentary a few years ago, instead opting for a cheaper, knock-off version that drove me mad when it came to editing.

Yesterday, Cisco announced that they were nixing the entire brand which was still showing signs of growth, but selling simple consumer camcorders didn’t make sense when networking equipment is your trademark. Of course, their purchase of Flip a few years back didn’t make much sense to me, either. 500 jobs will be lost, but the Flips had already been out-moded by ever better cameras and applications in new smartphones. It was fun while it lasted, but Flip’s market was an evaporating bubble from the beginning.

Source: CNN Money

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