Raindrops On Roses And Apps On My Android

Posted by on April 14, 2011 at 2:15 pm

This article was provided by guest contributor Ryan.

Right now I am still sporting an old-school Droid 1. The styling on this phone absolutely sucks. It’s really heavy and has a stupid ledge that juts out awkwardly like an unadjusted underbite. I never use the keyboard because it sucks too. But I can’t bring myself to ditch the phone just because of the styling. After all, my personal styling sucks and my wife hasn’t gotten an upgrade yet either. I think this is because she thinks that I have other redeeming qualities that make me worth keeping around. So does my old Droid.

My phone has been rooted, mind you, so it’s been over-clocked and unlocked and re-ROM’ed or something. To be honest I don’t really understand everything that’s been done to my phone. I just know that it runs fast and does almost everything I want it to do.

If you’re some kind of Android power-user, then I probably have nothing useful to say for you. But if you’re a normal guy like me who likes to try and keep a little ahead of the curve on technology, here are a couple of apps that have made me happy:

1. SMS Backup – I’m really lazy so I like when Google does work for me for free (or in exchange for my personal information – I only get upset about privacy issues when it’s the government, but that’s because it’s the cool thing to get upset about). With SMS Backup, all of my text messages are regularly backed up under the SMS label in my Gmail account. Now they are permanently stored and searchable. Mmm…Daddy like.

2. Gtunes Music – You know how they never play enough Katy Perry or Nickelback on the radio? Well, brace yourself, because now you can hear the work of these pop-music prodigies any time you want. The Gtunes app scours the web for your favorite song or artist. It’s free too, which fits within my budget (because for some reason I’ll drop 15 bucks at Panda Express, but paying a dollar for an app makes me cringe).

3. TuneIn Radio – I just got a new car and the antenna is terrible. This means I can’t listen to my favorite morning radio show because they only have an iPhone app. But save your tears, I’m going to get through this catastrophe, mostly thanks to this app that I just found a couple of days ago. TuneIn Radio lets me hear just about any radio station I want. It works by using magic fairies who climb inside your phone and hold pieces of tin foil at awkward angles to gain reception. Oh, wait, I’m being told that it does not use magic fairies. It uses the dark arts. But hey, it works anyway.

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