Twitter Just Bought TweetDeck

Posted by on May 2, 2011 at 4:03 pm

Back in February we heard that UberMedia (UberTwitter, EchoFon) was buying TweetDeck for $30 million and today TechCrunch is reporting that Twitter counter offered with $40-50 million. This is smart for Twitter since TweetDeck is widely used and if UberMedia owned them that means they would have the highest market share on how people interact with Twitter. Usually I won’t post rumors but this looks legit, the full announcement is supposed to be in a couple of days.

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  • Anonymous

    Really not looking forward to Twitter essentially taking TweetDeck and tossing it out the window. I use it every day and it’s the most important app on my phone.

    • Sucks for you, looks like you’ll be switching to Twitter for Android!