Sony Criticized By Congress For Data Breach – Focus Turned To Internet Security

Posted by on June 5, 2011 at 1:06 am

Sony, who was expected to get manhandled by The U.S. Congress regarding the huge security failure, which resulted in the theft of information from as many as 100 million customers (according to Sony) only took a minor beating after a number of other cyber attacks which targeted Google, Lockheed Martin and others.

Reps from Epsilon Data Management testified before the Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade and were reported as being very cooperative, resulting in a hearing which went much differently than the ass kicking Toyota received after the debacle surrounding their safety recalls. Subcommittee Chairperson Mary Bono Mack stated that there are no plans to call Sony back for additional questioning.

Instead, the subcommittee focused on topics regarding security legislation which is being discussed in congress in the wake of the high-profile attacks of the last several weeks. Sony and Epsilon are backing all of the security efforts as well as attempting to beef up their own security in order to avert any further breaches.

By the way FAIL! Hackers are claiming to have stolen data on another million people from the web site of Sony’s U.S. movie subsidiary. This doesn’t bode well for public and Congressional confidence in Sony’s security measures and, if true, could completely erode whatever faith is left in their ability to manage their own data security.

Maybe they’re holding it wrong?

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