Gadgets Without A Net: Nick and Cameras

Posted by on July 26, 2011 at 12:18 am

This week, we totally stumped ourselves when we decided to write about our favorite gadgets that didn’t have – or rely – on an internet connection. Much harder than you think. Seriously, try it.

Everyone takes pictures, fewer take art. I have a background in design, in which the laws of color and composition must be closely observed for success, but it didn’t catch my attention until much later that these same principles could be applied to photography as well. I still couldn’t recommend a great color palette to save my life, but I love taking pictures.

Why It’s Awesome Without The Net

Well, I don’t really know. Taking pictures became so much more fun when I could show people in real time. The only camera I’ve really ever owned that wasn’t built into a phone was my Sony HDR-SR1 that I picked up four years ago to try and make movies. Stills are fun, films are fun and both work on the same principles that the camera obscura worked on hundreds of years ago: capturing a semi-permanent image. Some people draw, or write, but when I need to express myself artistically, my camera is usually the first thing I grab. And yeah, it’s gotten me into trouble, but pictures as expression is an incredible experience. My friends laugh at me when I just decide to shoot stuff, but I want that memory to last forever.

How It’s Awesome With It

Some day I’ll own a camera that aligns with my passions, like that RED in the masthead that Peter Jackson is fondling (and y’know, not my phone!), but until then, I enjoy the fact that I can send my pictures to Facebook or wherever with a few button presses. My profile is filled with hundreds of the things. Point-and-shoot cameras are slowly winding away from existence unless they feature fancy gimmicks because phones have the functionality that people want: instantly connection to their social graphs. Why should I need to upload footage from a dinky camera to a computer via USB, process them, and then upload them back up to the net? That’s a pain, especially if the resolution is intentionally lost anyway.

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