“This Is My Next” Becomes “The Verge” This Fall; Clever Slogans Within!

Posted by on July 19, 2011 at 1:27 am

Do you like your tech websites to look like indie rock labels? Bring back any pleasant memories? Well, the Engadget Eight’s (well, more than that now) headmaster Joshua Topolsky unveiled the new identity for the group’s full-scale effort, due out in “early Fall”. I’m a huge fan of the Penrose Triangle, but that’s just icing on the cake: we’ve been following the group since their grand exodus. Well, more power to The Verge, get ready to Rock Out, or, as I’ve prepared after the break, a variety of horrible advertising slogans!

(This was totally worth clicking the link)

  • The Verge! 93.6FM!
  • “I was totally into The Verge until they ripped off that Rolling Stones song.”
  • Hey man, got any Verge? *holds out small Ziploc bag* Yeah, you got the money?
  • I’m reaching The Verge, man! I’m gonna jump right off!
  • Are you thinking of tech? Yeah. I’m thinking of The Verge
  • I’ve got The Verge to kill you!
  • I’ve got The Verge to kick this wasp hive!
  • I’ve got The Verge… [edited for length. -Ed]
  • Meet us in Madison Square Garden for the annual VergeCon!
  • Meet us in Madison Square Garden for the annual ConVerge!
  • ConVerge with The Verge!
  • The Verge: straight from that Justice video!
  • Right Next To The Twizzlers!

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