Finally A OneNote Alternative for Mac

Posted by on August 9, 2011 at 9:16 pm
Screen ShotWhen I switched from PC to Mac, giving up my notebook program, Microsoft Office OneNote, was one of my main concerns. OneNote was fantastic for keeping track of all my writing notes, and I needed something to replace it before I was willing to switch. My research turned up Growly Notes; it’s a very similar program and has all the features I needed.

Growly Notes lets you easily create multiple notebooks with different sections in order to keep your life organized. Tabs are color coded so you can easily find a different section and you can label them. The notebook labels are on the top and the subjects down the sides, it makes them easy to see and navigate through, especially if you need to do so quickly. It has the automatic save feature like OneNote, so you don’t have to save after every little note you make, you can close it without the program making a fuss about it. The one thing Growly Notes is missing that OneNote had was a toolbar option, where you could make a random note and it would automatically import it into the program, under an un-filed notes section. Growly Notes uses a ‘floating window’, which is a little window that you can put notes in and it transfers them to scratch paper in the actual program. It’s not as convenient, but at least they found an alternative to that feature. One thing Growly Notes trumps OneNote at is that the user interface is customizable. You can change the colors of the tabs to fit your liking and if you don’t like the tabs, you can chose to go without them. Like OneNote you can click anywhere on the notebook to start typing, you can also insert photos, audio, tables and video in. Need to move the text, or item? Simple click on it and it’ll form a box, you can drag it anywhere you need it. It’s a fully functional free note taking system, but there are also templates that you can use if you want or need to. Honestly the developers of this program took all the best aspects of OneNote and put them into a Mac compatible program.For those of you who are cross-platform there’s some bad news – Growly Notes cannot read OneNote files, nor do they plan on making a Windows version. However, according to their website they are on the constant look out for someone to write a OneNote plug in for Growly Notes.

Overall, I have to say that Growly Notes is the best replacement for OneNote that is out there. As far as software goes, it’s fantastic and it’s become another one of my must have for my Mac.

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