Facebook To Begin Charging Users – NOT!

Posted by on September 25, 2011 at 4:10 pm

Facebook…Money…Subscriptions…For the last few days, a rumor has been circulating the interwebs telling people that the social networking giant is going to start charging users for the privilege of using the service.

This isn’t the first time people have started rumors saying that an online service was going to start charging for use and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Well, we have the skinny and we’re going to give it to you.

I remember the first time this kind of rumor started. It was way back in the day after ICQ first got released. For those of you who remember, ICQ was the first major instant messaging client. It stored user information in a central database and allowed you to search for your friends by name, email address, etc…The service would then allow you to talk in real time to anyone in the world.

Yeah, it’s old hat at this point but back then, it was huge. Anyone who was anyone had ICQ.

Then it was every other messaging client. I remember those rumors hitting Yahoo and MSN as well. After that it was Myspace. On a nearly weekly basis, rumors would start circulating that they would start charging users but if you forwarded the message on, you’d be exempt.

Now it’s hit Facebook and it’s pretty much the same story. Facebook is going to start charging. If you don’t want them to charge you, you’d better forward the message to everyone on your friends list, blah blah blah. This isn’t the first time this rumor has arisen and, as it seems to pop up every time Facebook makes a major change to the service, it will definitely happen again

Facebook hasn’t officially responded to this rumor, as yet, even though “news outlets” such as “The Weekly World News” have “officially” reported that Facebook will begin charging users. They also reported about bat-boy, though so I think we can take that with a grain of salt.

What we do know is that Facebook’s home page clearly says that it is free, and always will be. Don’t believe it? Log out. That will take you to the home page and you’ll see it for yourself. OR, you can just look at the image below, which I screenshotted about 14 seconds ago, and take my word for it.

So let’s all sit back, take a deep breath, relax and stop sweating it. Facebook is NOT going to start charging anyone for using it…While you’re at it, tell all of your friends. It’s NEVER going to happen. Tell your friends to tell their friends and keep passing it on…It’s NEVER going to happen.




Maybe, once everyone gets that message, the stupid spam messages will stop and my news feed can stop sucking.

Thanks, everyone! Enjoy your free Facebook!

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  • Phantomwarlord452

    good to know, but since they keep making Facebook crappy, I’m probably going to leave anyway, hell I might even go back to Myspace

    • Yeah, I laugh at how they seem to think they know what their users want but every time they make a new change, their user base flips out.  I think they’re reading the wrong surveys or something.

    • TDD


  • Inof

    Facebooked your Pic! So annoying!

    • Yes, my pic is annoying.  That’s only because I’m old, fat and ugly, though.

  • Facebook Monthly Fee NEWS is not Rumor. Facebook service with monthly fees starting at $0.99. The more you use Facebook, the more you will pay.. Facebook Monthly Charging Official Statement:

    • I hate to have to tell you this, “Swom” but you should read that article again.  

      Here’s the first paragraph, so you don’t have to dig it up.

      Famous Social Networking site Facebook is going to charge monthly fee from Users. It’s True or Not? It’s completely false news! For the last few days, a rumor has been circulating the Internet. The Facebook charging rumor is gaining traction due to a chain message hoax spreading virally, although the company promises “It’s free and always will be.” 

    • Furthermore, did I really just get called out by a bot?!

    • Dressed_b


    • Simon

      Oh hai low-life spammer!

  • Andy

    Signing up is free, and it will always be free to sign up… but then to use it, you pay per click :)
    I think most folk are getting a little tired of these sorts of spam messages… oh for a way to filter on “If it’s all in CAPS please let me filter it”

  • G-waltz

    thank you very much for setting things straight;  I like a lot of other people believed this BS and was ready to just dump FB, live and learn . Sorry    P.S.   you do have a lot of work to do befor you are out of the woods yet. Fix the games

  • Anonymous

    Pretty simple reason why it’s free, the users are the product.  We who use the thing and click on the little ads on the right hand side of the screen are what Facebook makes money from.  They sell us ads that are highly targeted because they know everything about us.  Theres no way they’d want to give up their massive audience by charging.