Logitech K360 Wireless Keyboard Review

Posted by on September 24, 2011 at 11:11 pm

My keyboard broke today. Well, it didn’t break in the sense of cracking in half – at least not until after it stopped functioning and I threw it – but it did stop working properly.

Naturally, it’s hard to write articles and books without a functioning keyboard so I ran on down to the store and picked up this little beauty; The Logitech K360 wireless.

I got the keyboard home, plugged in the little USB button-style wireless doohickey and the keyboard was automatically installed by Windows 7 in no time flat. I put the batteries in and started pecking away at the little chicklet-style keys and was immediately impressed by the solid feel coming out of such a small and light keyboard (this thing is light…very light…way lighter than any other keyboard I’ve owned.

I also have to say that I’m a pretty speedy typist. When I get on a roll, I’ve been clocked as fast as 120 wpm but the little keyboard that could keeps up with me with no problems at all. No missed keys, no transpositions, no phantom spaces or anything of the sort. It just plugs along as fast as I can bang away at it and does so with a nice just-right stiffness to the keys. It almost feels like typing on a laptop keyboard (which I have done more than I have on a standard keyboard) but the keys are just so much more solid that it really feels great.

I wish my toshy laptop had the same keyboard on it now.

It takes 2 AA batteries to power the keyboard and Logitech claims you can expect…brace for it…3 years of battery life from a single pair. They estimate that by averaging 2 million keystrokes, per year, in an average office environment. It also has a power switch to shut it down with if you need to walk away for an extended period so you will get some energy savings there.

There’s no way the keyboard will outlast the batteries, in my case, if that’s true. I tend to rip through about 1 standard keyboard per year so if this thing can last as long as the estimated battery life, I’ll be mega impressed.

The device had full media center functionality, programmable function keys, Windows controls, lighted caps-lock indicator (though, strangely, no lighted numlock indicator) and, as seen, a full keypad, despite its very small size – about 2/3 the size of my last desktop keyboard and just slightly larger than the keyboard on my Toshiba.

Even with the “new keyboard muscle memory learning curve” I am able to hammer out a lot of words, very quickly, because the keys seem to be spaced just right. It’s like my brain and fingers just know where they are going to be and they make it happen. I’m very happy with this.

According to the specs, the USB dongle will also support a Logitech wireless mouse which is great if you have both devices and are short on USB ports. I have a Razer wireless which is, of course, incompatible but if that ever dies, I’ll likely grab a Logitech and combine them both into one device. HOTNESS!

The best thing about this keyboard, though, is the price-tag…A wallet pleasing $29.99 got it out the door and on the desk and at that price, this is a WHOLE lot of keyboard.

Of course I don’t know for sure how sturdy it is going to be in the long run but, for now, I’m really happy with how it has performed and, knowing Logitech, it will continue along this same path. The size is perfect, it’s solid as a brick and super light and it just feels good. The ONLY down side I see to it, at this point, is the missing numlock light and that is the only thing that hurts it.

If you are looking for a good wireless keyboard, this may just be right up your alley!

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  • Pentti Koponen

    I’m from Finland, and I still think this is great gayboard!