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Posted by on September 23, 2011 at 1:42 pm
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Finally, a note program that I like that works between my phone, my Mac, and my PC. Spring Pad is a cloud-based Web App that can do so much more than just take notes. You can create checklists, to-do items, have multiple notebooks with multiple types of notes and sync with your phone or tablet. On the computer your items are set up in an intuitive format with icon’s that tell you what is what and with an all inclusive icon for ‘All My Stuff.’ A fun feature of this web application is the ability to change the background to suit your style. The mobile app is very similar in its set up and seems to have no problem with syncing information. The only down fall to the mobile app is that the Board feature is not accessible, but this isn’t something that is detrimental to the performance or the functioning of the program, which will be discussed below.

The checklists feature is pretty awesome and is useful for grocery lists, chores, and general to-do lists. It allows you to add an attachment to an item, like a link, a picture, add audio or photo. You can e-mail the list to someone else, print it, or share it publicly. This works great on you phone when you’re out and about and you can’t remember what was on your shopping list, or what else you needed to get done today. The to-do function, or the task function, allows you to take your checklists further and allows you to add a deadline and will create an alert for when the item is getting close to its deadline.

The actual note feature is basic, on the web app you get some formatting options, but who really needs a full word processor on the phone? This program is meant to be an out and about, oh I thought of something, type of program, not a full note taking program like Microsoft OneNote or Growly Notes. It loads fast, makes it easy to save and title your work on all platforms. Then there is the Board which is set up as a virtual pin board where you can even add labels, it also has the feature to add maps, or add items from your notes. As mentioned before this isn’t something that is available on the mobile app, but is still a nifty feature.

Over all this program is an awesome notepad. It’s nothing overly fancy, but has enough features to make it useful and well worth the time to look at. It has a very easy learning curve and it works across all platforms since it is web cloud based. It’s a great app to have on your phone and your computer, especially if you’re the type of person that needs to stay organized by lists, or even just like to jot down random notes on a whim.

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