Dear Sprint: I Am This Close To Dropping You

Posted by on October 16, 2011 at 9:28 pm

I’ve been with Sprint for eight years and it’s only been in the past two that I’ve really thought about phones and data plans. Y’know, the things you should really be paying attention to. My first phone plan was $35 a month with a candy bar phone I kept in the center console of my car most of the time. When I got my Palm Pre in 2009, I got into their exclusive Premier plan which allowed me to get a new phone annually at new retail rates. So after a year, I got my Samsung Epic. Then they cleaved the Premier service into two tiers and I fell into the smaller bucket. And now there is no Premier plan. So now I have to pay full retail price plus activation fee to get the shiny new phone of my dreams. Honestly, I’d rather pay the termination fee and switch to another carrier. And I’d save money, and I’d have…

So here’s the sitch:



  •  Unlimited Data (too bad I only use 600MB/month and they’re gonna drop it someday)
  • Eight years of loyalty (doesn’t seem to mean much)
  • I like Sprint
  • Apathetic toward getting Windows Phones.
  • Paying full retail rate every other year to get a new phone when I was getting regular rates every year. Weakest sauce.
  • Paying $10 extra a month when I upgraded to my Epic because it featured a WiMax radio. Unfortunately, there has, and never will be a WiMax tower built here in the Springs. Not even our trip to the Phoenix Comicon earlier this year, a much larger metropolitan area, whet my phone’s appetite for 4G.
  • LTE still far away, eventually rendering WiMax useless.
  • Big carrier with a massive network
  • LTE
  • Great Android phone selection
  • Cheap plans
  • Great selection of Windows Phones
  • Smallish network
  • Merging with AT&T? Maybe?
  • $220 termination fee to drop from Sprint
  • 4G coming, uh…
  • Best selection of Windows Phones
  • Really good selection of phones, period
  • Popular, I suppose.
  • Their network.
  • $220 termination fee to drop from Sprint
At this point, it seems like a fool’s errand. Am I destined to jump from carrier to carrier to get the new phones I want at the prices I desire? Do I sacrifice my network quality for a better selection of the phones I want? There doesn’t seem to be any rewards for loyalty with any carrier now. I really just wanna pay $200 for a new phone in the next two months and not $700.
Is this so hard?
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