Guess What? Kik is on BlackBerry Again!

Posted by on October 12, 2011 at 4:35 pm

You may of never heard of Kik messenger and that is because you have no friends. Well okay, maybe you do have friends but you guys just aren’t as cool as everyone else or you would be using Kik messenger. We say everyone else because even though we use Kik nothing you do will make you cooler than us.

So Kik started out as this awesome group chat messenger similar to BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) but what made them way more awesome was the fact that it was cross-OS, meaning that me on my iPhone can message Nick and Johhny on their Android and BlackBerry device respectively. 15 days after launching Kik had over one million people registered, yeah it’s that awesome! Well RIM wasn’t to happy about this and removed the app from their app store and slapped Kik with a lawsuit claiming patent infringement.

Well damn, that sucks because now Johnny can’t talk with the rest of us and is forever alone.

So fast forward to today and we get this message telling us that you can now get Kik messenger on your BlackBerry! Whoa, did RIM and Kik settle their issues? As it turns out no, and that’s why you have to download it from Kik’s website here. Kik’s official statement is:

We can’t comment directly on the dispute other than to say that it’s on-going, and we remain confident in our defense and look forward to resolving things.

So how is this possible? The development team at Kik actually built the new app on the Java ME platform which not only means that it can be used on a BlackBerry but also on any other dumb phone that supports Java. I’m impressed.

One more thing I forgot to mention for those of you who have never heard of Kik is that it’s free! Seriously, why are you still paying for text messages?

I almost forgot about Johnny. Eventually he bought a Windows Phone 7 and Kik came out with a version just for him because he is the only one in the world with a Windows Phone. We took Johnny back and he is no longer forever alone.

Again, here is where you get it and it’s available for iPhone/iPod, Android and Windows Phone 7 also.

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