Number Of iPhone 4S Users Still Using Siri After A Week: None

Posted by on October 15, 2011 at 8:59 pm

Siri is going to revolutionize how we use phones. Siri is the first real implementation of voice commands ever. Siri is going to be worth upgrading to an iPhone 4S. You know what no one mentions about Siri? That it’s a cool parlor trick at best, something to show your friends. “Hey Siri, where can I dump a dead body?” “Hey Siri, close the pod bay doors!” Then wait for the cute responses! I’m not giving it enough credit though, Siri is a cool trick, but iPhone users are going to discover something about voice commands that Android users have secretly known for years…

…no one wants to talk to their phone. Ever. You’re going to use it alone at best. Use it in a crowd and risk two things:

– The noise is going to drown out whatever you were going to say anyway (it already has enough issues understanding you in a quiet room).

– You’re explaining these actions to everyone around you. Do you really need to tell a group of strangers on a bus that you’re calling Christina? Or that you need to schedule an appointment for your dentist at 7AM tomorrow? No, you don’t. That’s just weird.

That Siri ties itself into a multitude of Apple’s applications is impressive, it certainly has the potential to rule the world if talking into your phone seems that much more efficient in the long run than simply opening an app and doing it manually. In many cases, sure, it genuinely makes many workflows easier. The problem is that it eliminates the discretion in using your phone in public, where you can secretly accomplish thousands of tasks without disturbing anyone else. It’s bad enough to hear some business traveler yelling in an airport at the guy in his Bluetooth headset, but now you get to hear a bunch of people inserting tasks into their phones, remind themselves about flowers they have to pick up for their unloving significant others, and carrying on with themselves.

Siri is poised to revolutionize the industry in much the same way Che Guevera did: through ruthless guerrilla tactics destined to destroy your way of life. A life with Siri is ultimately not one worth living, especially when you’ve just plunked down y dollars for a stat revision on Apple’s last iPhone.

It’s not worth it guys. For those who’ve already drank the Kool-aid, I’m sorry. It’s going to be cool asking Siri how many hookers you could kill in an hour so many times!

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  • P320cory


    • Anonymous

      Prove me wrong.

      • Nikkon

        A group of strangers on a bus that you’re calling Christina is going to here you make that call if you was making the call yourself anyway….. I have been using Siri and I think it’s great… To have your incoming text or email to be read to you or send them while you driving… & Siri does much more I’m sold and I think many will agree….

        • Anonymous

          They’re building this stuff in cars now, that’s cool, though.

          I still give it a week before the novelty wears off.

    • *facepalm*

  • Ummm…I see where you’re coming from and I always hate it when people are using any kind of diction software in public…or around me in general. But Siri is truly awesome and is already saving me time. Not to mention, iPhone’s hold their value. I always upgrade for $200 and sell my old model for $400+. Plus the 4s is running way faster and takes amazing pictures/video. So, I don’t think I’d suggest that people who upgrade even on “minor” revisions are drinking the Kool-aid. I’ve actually made money on being an iPhone owner. 

    p.s. only because Siri works so well, you’re dead wrong on it wearing off in a week. 

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I get that it’s not a minor upgrade if you’re an iPhone user, but there’ll be some new Android model out here in a few months that will best anything in there. Nevermind, many already do. That’s simply the disadvantage of launching one new model a year: Apple is playing catch up.

      No, I imagine people will use Siri in the comfort of their homes or in their office, but for many non-business oriented people, this is going to be a parlor trick at best.

      • Yeah…for the most part I’m going to have to disagree. It’s a similar argument to the age-old, “this PC has far better specs than that Mac.” But the reality is that Apple is setting the standards here, not catching up. While certain Droid phones may have better numbers/specs, Apple always delivers what I want, making it easier, more intuitive, and a hell of a lot better looking and functioning than any other phone. It’s painful to watch these other manufacturers copy the iPhone. Apple didn’t make the smart phone, they just made it actually smart. 

        • Johnny

          All phone manufacturers make their phones smart in one way or another now.  Fans extend Apple lots of slack because they were the first to do it well, but this concession for being first isn’t going to last forever.  Apple will ride the wave of success they’ve earned, but then it will wane like it does for every market leader.  Nobody holds the top spot forever.

          I agree with the point of the article.  Siri is not an innovation.  It’s a magic trick.  People will applaud and say, “Wow, did you see how he made the dove disappear?”  And then they’ll move on.  Nobody who wasn’t already going to buy an iPhone is going to buy one for Siri.  At best, Apple has given its current user base something shiny to look at so they aren’t tempted to go buy another phone for a while.

      • Leevi89

        Android might come out with a better phone in a few months and it will have all the best features, but the software will function right for a few months and the hardware is cheap plastic. iPhones might not always be the best phone out there as far as features go, but they are the best in terms of functionality. My android gets whacked out if I don’t turn it off and on enough. It’s crap. 

      • Anonymous

        Of course you’re not going to use it when you’re in the bus or something, but when you’re at home, driving, in a supermarket, in a store, it’s ok to use it. I’m really happy with siri.

    • Bob

      I always find it interesting when people boast about android.  I get that it is a decent solution, but 90% of the android users that I know also own/use an ipod of some sort…

  • Nik

    Lots of talk around Apple playing catch up – like its a numbers game. When you have hardware and software tied in as close as iOS or any Apple product for that matter – you will always be ahead of the game. Get an Andriod phone now, you won’t be able to run latest software in two years because you spec is inadequate. You don’t get this to such a degree with an iPhone. Then you have multiple screen resolutions to deal with every other android phone with a different res and screen size. In addition to that, iPhone users won’t need to install anti-virus or malware software on there phones….Android is good, but the overall package experience and easy of use goes to Apple no matter the specs race.

    • Guy

      you don’t get that with apple because apple hardly ever updates their OS.

      • Guest

        Do your research before you reply. Apple sends out a major update every year, with minor revisions periodically during the year.

  • Nik

    one other thing…Siri. Never used reminders and calendar that much on my old phones as was quicker to write it down vs unlock, launch app, find day, enter start and end times, send alarm, enter description. Now it can be done in one sentence. As far as talking to the phone goes, you don’t have to talk to it like a dictaphone, raise the phone to your ear and talk – just like you would take or make a call. Less obvious that the keyboard method (holding down home).

    It’s a winner for me because it works, the Google equivalent on Android has a way to go since the implementation is completely different.  

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  • We_love_goldens

    The idea for me is to use it in my car when I’m driving – not out in public.

  • I  disagree, at times it would be silly to do this. But i see myself using this alot, and I already am haha. As long as you’re not a NY Wall Street Employee in full public and crows 24/7, Siri wouldnt be awkward but very useful.  Here are the most common scenarios:

    1. Home
    2. Driving
    3. Hanging out w/friends 

  • Rrutherford65

    It has been over a week and I still use it on a daily basis. It understands most things pretty well. The biggest benifit is being able to get a text message while driving. Now I don’t get home with the wife asking “did you get the message to pick up…”

  • steve
  • Stlum9495

    Check this thread out — whole lotta people using it!  If you are a busy, exec type with lots of meetings, things going on etc and are short on time you will find value.

    These threads are informative