How-to Stop Sharing Your Music From Spotify, Rdio or MOG on Facebook

Posted by on October 2, 2011 at 10:11 am

I actually like sharing my music with friends on Facebook, but I’m one of those really social people. It’s cool getting commented on stuff you are listening to and seeing what your friends are listening to also. Mark Zuckerberg said that you will discover new music and it’s true. You may even see stuff you forgot about. But if you don’t want to share that greatest love songs of all time playlist when you’re trying to be an internet gangsta I can understand why you would want to hide your listening habits.

Spotify makes it really easy. Click File, click Private Listening. Done.

Rdio and MOG don’t have any built in settings right now so you have to do it through Facebook. First, click the drop down arrow in the blue bar next to your name then click Account Settings, next click Apps in the left menu (shortcut link). Once you get there click the edit link for either Rdio or MOG then click the remove button (X) by Add app activity to your timeline. Done.

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