Verizon Releases Ice Cream Sandwich For HTC Thunderbolt…Oh, Wait, No…It’s Gingerbread…FINALLY

Posted by on October 29, 2011 at 7:07 pm

OMGWTFLOLOLFINALLY Verizon gets around to releasing an update for the Thunderbolt?!

Yep…it happened. THIS MORNING.

In what I can only refer to as the biggest case of “it’s about fucking time” in the history of the universe, Verizon actually got off their duffs and pushed out the long awaited upgrade for the HTC Thunderbolt BUT.

It’s a full 3 versions behind the times.

That’s right, kiddies, I awoke to my Thunderbolt getting an OTA update and thought “YYYYYES, Finally an update to my phone! PLEASE GOD let it be ice cream sandwich!!!”

Well, not only is it NOT ice cream sandwich, it is also not even the latest version of gingerbread…or the version before that…or the version before THAT.

They finally rolled out Version 2.3.4…Uhm, guys, far as I can tell, 2.3.7 was released a long time ago. Hell, Cyanogen had a 2.3.7 rom out in September…You’re telling me you’re just now getting around to releasing a version that’s 3 versions old?


Well, I can’t say that I’ve been too happy with the Thunderbolt in general. It’s not a BAD phone, by any means but it’s not great, either. It’s often clunky, slows down, drops the internet, eats through batteries like a fat kid through an ice cream sandwich (see what I did there?) and the kickstand is TOTALLY on the wrong side of the phone. Whoever it was that came up with the idea of putting the kickstand so the charging plug is DOWN with it deployed needs to be slapped in the mouth. That person’s parents then need to be slapped in their mouths for not slapping their spawn hard enough to knock some sense into them.

But, I digress…

After not being terribly happy with the device, anyway, I’m REALLY not happy to see that it’s not getting any attention from Verizon or HTC. The fact that they’ve waited so long to update to gingerbread is pathetic enough. The additional fact that they released a months-old version…well, that’s just plain lame.

Verizon…You make the baby jesus cry.

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  • Sabrinach1

    That is one…strongly opinionated…article.

  • sickofhtc!!!

    i feel you bro… ive had the thunderbolt since 2 weeks after it was first released, and ive been waiting and waiting for ota update from verizon… i finally said eff it 3 weeks ago and rooted myself, first time ever, and im not a computer wizz. im running bamf rom 1.0.9 and sense 3.0 and my phone does everything i expected it to do from the start. thank (insert creator here) for bamf and youtube, but fuck htc and verizon, after my upgrade, im switching to an iphone.. and ive stuck with both those sobs since the eris came out!!!

    • I would go out, buy a pumpkin carver, use it to pry off my own kneecaps and use those as hockey pucks in a game in which the winners would be beaten with spikey baseball bats and the losing team would be sentenced to death by ungabunga before I’d ever own an iPhone.

  • Anonymous

    If you’re smart your next phone will be a pure Google phone. I.E. a Nexus.

    • slammeruuu

      Why? I’d like to know your thoughts.

  • Theporshe959

    This crap has my phone stuck in 3G eversince it finished.

    • *#*#4636#*#* will get you into the programming mode.  Under “phone information” you can select your network mode…it’s probably funky.  Set it to either LTE or CDMA + LTE/EvDo auto.

      Also, check your network settings under menu -> settings

    • SadGuy

      There is also an app called LTE on/off. It does the same thing without needing to type the *#*# business. Good luck

  • Susan

    I totally AGREE!  Verizon takes FOREVER to update their phones.  I’m not that happy with the Thunderbolt either.  It freezes still (just like Incredible and Eris) and I’m told by Verizon that I should uninstall my apps when I’m not using them and reinstall them when I want to use them.  REALLY?? Who does that?  Hopefully they will get their act together soon as I will NEVER buy an IPhone.  I won’t be told where I can acquire my content and I want to be able to expand memory myself without spending a fortune for on board memory from Apple.

  • Peterpumpkin000000

    Great article, i agree with the engineering problems. Kickstand, drops internet, battery is weak. The best part is they finally fixed the lock screen when during a call. I was constantly 3 waying people. They should send everyone a backup battery for this device. Now im stuck in 3g.since the update. i know thats an os issue.

    • I’m lucky in that my phone isn’t stuck in 3g.  I’ve had LTE working just fine since the update (knock on wood).  I’m also lucky in that I bought a bigger battery so I get better life but I still have to turn the brightness down to about 10% and limit my network use to get it to last all day.  I think it may be time for another phone.

  • Qwerty12300

    Just wanted to start off by saying that this was such a nice read! The slanderous tone of the message is so fitting. And the slapping..had me dying! So true though; WTF were they thinking with the whole charging port facing down while the kickstand is out?! Ducking fumbasses! Flagship 4g phone my asshole! My glass is half empty on this one

    • Yeah, them calling the Thunderbolt their “flagship” would be like Nissan calling the Sentra its new luxury car.  

      The Thunderbolt is plagued with problems, which makes me feel like an idiot because I was so excited to get one.

  • Johndredden

    i hate the kickstand too.. seriously, it makes as much sense as lady gaga

    • Which makes about as much sense as a Moose banging a 3 legged beagle. 

  • M417

    Honestly if you were expecting an ice cream sandwich update now, than you really don’t understand how android works. If you want to see ice cream sandwich on your tbolt before the end of 2012, if ever, i suggest you root your phone.

    Also I don’t believe the changes from 2.3.4 to 2.3.7 would really change much for us.. I know 2.3.5 was a fix for wimax or something on the nexus 4g and having used 2.3.7 on aosp roms, I haven’t noticed any major changes. That being said, the looong wait for this upgrade was ridiculous, and you couldn’t be more right about the kickstands.

    • No, I wasn’t really expecting an Ice Cream Sandwich update.  I was just expecting a newer version of gingerbread.  The way I see it is if it’s going to be MONTHS late, we should at least get the newest version available.

      And I won’t have this phone for much longer.  I’m thinking about the Droid RAZR when they hit.

  • Pkr8ch

    Like everyone else I was waiting and waiting for the update that FINALLY came. So really what’s new?? Market is a little different, notification window is a little different but I don’t really see anything else.

  • Brandon Kessler

      2.3.5, 2.3.6, and 2.3.7 were specifically geared towards the Nexus S and Nexus S 4G.  2.3.7 introduced Google Shopper and Google Wallet, but in order to use Wallet, you need NFC.  So I understand why the Thunderbolt is only at 2.3.4, but it’s still sad HOW LONG it took them to get there.         Get the Galaxy Nexus, or any Nexus, when you can, and this will be a problem of the past.

  • G-cup

    There is no phone out with ice cream sandwich yet. It takes time for the companies to write software and test it and evn longer before the carriers allow it to be released. Its too bad I have to root and put a custom rom on my phone just to get it to work right. I love my thunderbolt I have a 3d sense 3.0 rom on my phone and it flies.and has no problems getting through a full day of use on the standard battery even using 3g all day and using it about 4 or 5 hours

  • Calm_chess_player

    Why the hell do i need gingerbread or icecreamsandwhich? I don’t get it. I guess i look at the API maybe even attempt to update eclipse while I’m at it and see what else I can do. Change Log. PS Thunderbolt is old my $700.00 phone (bought it without contract) is now worth $150.00 upgrade sucker if you thunderbolt don’t surf the net no more :) Next Time you write article try to have some reasons why it sucks not just because you say it sucks.

  • Fake

    Yea, this is kind of a flame article and you sound very uneducated. If I didn’t look up and see the name of this website, I would  be angry. The fact that it is a no-name website and that they probably pay people without degrees to share their opinion on technology makes me feel like everyone already knows you’re an idiot.