Microsoft Takes Windows Phone 7 on the Road

Posted by on November 11, 2011 at 5:13 pm

Windows Phone 7 has launched over a year ago but many people still have no idea what it is exactly. Microsoft is looking to change that. They are currently on a country wide tour of major cities to show people exactly what makes Windows Phone so special. On Monday, they were in NY and held an exciting event I was able to attend that in my opinion, has been one of the best marketing events they have done for the phone operating system since its inception. Click to see why…

The event was held at the Altman building located in the Chelsea area of NYC. You had to register before hand to attend but with a promise of the first look of some new Windows Phones and a performance by the relatively local (but growing) band Matt and Kim, it seemed like a great way to entice visitors. I arrived at the event with my girlfriend and much like any big event, the doors did not open in time. Once we got in however, we were greated by quite a scene. The check in process was very cutting edge where our tickets were QR Codes that were sent via SMS to our phones. The guy at the door was able to check in guests just by scanning the code. It worked well and made the process of checking in very simple. We were also given RFID bracelets that had our information on the chip. The point of this was there were boxes around the space where we could just scan our bracelets and we were entered to win a Windows Phone without bothering to sign up for a raffle or anything like that. Again, very cutting edge.

RFID Bracley

As I mentioned before the venue was really nice and setup smartly. Unlike other events, there wasn’t any large crowds or times where I found it hard to move about. This made checking out each area very easy. They featured 4 new Windows Phone at the event. The HTC Radar and Titan as well as the Samsung Focus S and Focus Flash. As per usual all 4 phones ran the operating system flawlessly. They set up multiple stations where you could check out the Zune features of the phone, or the many apps for the phone as well as a cool game area where they were holding contest for the best Angry Birds score for the night. Speaking of Angry Birds, there was a great digital photo booth area with props from twitter and Angry Birds that I had a lot of fun at.


The event was also catered by The Meatball Shop and Rickshaw Dumplings, which are two popular restaurants in the NYC area. The Sweetary also provided a great desert option. Microsoft provided each guest with food and drink chips which was nice (though an open bar is always nicer).

I had a great time at this event and it appeard others did as well. For many, this might’ve been the first time they even used a Windows Phone and I believe Microsoft did a great job with this event. Hopefully they can keep this marketing blitz going as they attempt to regain their marketshare in the mobile market.

See the rest of the pictures from the night below:

HTC Radar


Game Area

Meatball Shop

HTC Radar


All in all, I had a wonderful night and hopefully this is a new start for Windows Phone 7 in America.

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