The Power of GE – Sell Out Spotlight

Posted by on November 10, 2011 at 3:33 pm

At FleshEatingZipper, we don’t want to clutter our site with ads, whether it’s pop-ups or full page ads that block content. With that said we’d like to highlight some of our awesome sponsors that keep us up and running.

Our first highlight is really awesome. ‘Is it a soft drink or new basketball shoe?’ you may ask yourself. No, it’s an… um, airplane video. The fine people at GE build things that you interact with on a daily basis, from light bulbs in your house to the monitors that you surf the web on. GE also powers aviation in a very big way with jet engines that will fly millions around the globe to see their families this holiday season. Jack Donaghy tried with microwaves but we stepped it up and tried building our own jet engines. Unfortunately we crashed the planet, so we’re leaving airline propulsion to the experts at GE!

In all honesty though, we’d like to thank General Electric again for being a sponsor and helping all of us get to wherever we’re going, safely.

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