The Verge Launches, We Rejoice

Posted by on November 1, 2011 at 8:38 pm

Now, this isn’t a concession that FleshEatingZipper isn’t the best source for tech news, because we do have the best opinions on the matter, but The Verge finally launching is awesome. We’ve covered the former Engadget editors, lead by Joshua Topolsky, as they left AOL in search of greener pastures – i.e, creating a cool new tech site. They were putting up a ton of content at their temporary site This Is My Next while expanding the staff and preparing for this launch. Which happened at 3:30 this morning. And I missed it. Barely.

The early word was that it would be up at midnight, which across this country is a lot of wiggle room, being based in MST means we have an advantage. I hopped in their Turntable room as we continued to wait, counting down to each mark on the hour and then continuing again as the site still wasn’t up. At a point, Verge editor Paul Miller hopped in the room and the crowd let him up on the tables. Our interaction, mixed amongst the dozens in the crowd listening to obscure remixes and mashups, went like this:

PAUL: Hey, I don’t remember the intro being this long.

N: PAUL :(



PAUL: Yeah, I had a nap.



PAUL: That’s a great idea


At 2:30AM, I had to give up. I had to, I still had to work in the morning. Moments after I hit the hay, Josh said ‘WE’RE ALMOST THERE’ and it still wasn’t up for another forty-five minutes. Anyway, site is cool. They’ve got a lot of cool tech there to dynamically generate their story flows and they present a lot more information at any time. It’s dense, the forums are awesome, and they’ve got a crazy amount of awesome editorial content. Also, I’m really glad they didn’t go with that Zune-gradient background.

Thank you.

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