Ultimate Black Friday Tech Deals Guide 2011

Posted by on November 23, 2011 at 5:05 pm

Continuing our Ultimate Black Friday Deals Guide we present tech deals! This includes anything we consider tech like; computers, tablets, cell phones, Blu-Ray players, etc! We’ve spent hundreds of hours researching and compiling. You can thank us by picking us up something and sending it our way (Nick & Rob both want iPhones.) Don’t forget to check out our gaming guide! This year it’s all about phones and tablets.

This is what Black Friday is all about, camping out at Best Buy to be first in line to get that new TV or cheap laptop. Consumer Reports did a study of prices last year and found that TV prices were actually 5% cheaper on average between the day after Cyber Monday and December 13th. Computer deals are usually not that great either. Usually they just bundle everything up in one giant box and send you on your way. You can find better deals throughout the year from the same retailers or manufacturers websites. This doesn’t stop anyone from lining up for though but maybe it will stop you, I know I’m staying in bed.

I don’t think you will see any big discounts on tablets this year but they may be hard to find because everyone wants them. Pay attention to the iPad 2, Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet Galaxy tablets. As far as phones go it’s going to be iPhone 4s, Samsung Galaxy S II, Google’s new Galaxy Nexus.

The places to look for TVs are Best Buy, Sears & Walmart. For computers take a look at Best Buy & Walmart. Deals are starting online right now but I’m not seeing anything that is jumping out at me. The best part is you can just stay inside while you shop. Make sure you hit up Amazon, Newegg, Sears, Best Buy & Walmart’s sites to see if they have any online deals. If you are a Sam’s Club or Costco member take a look at their sites for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Same goes for military out there, AAFES usually has some decent deals and there’s no sales tax! Unless you are waiting in line right now for deals you probably wont get the best door busters.

Apple is rumored to be having sales this year but I’m not sure what the discounts will be, something like $10 off or something. Apple is having some Black Friday deals as 9to5Mac has found out: $41 – $61 off iPads, MacBook’s are $101 off. Best Buy still has the MacBook Air at a cheaper price than Apple’s.

Good luck shopping and don’t forget to check back for our movies, music and books guide later today!

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