Now Bored To Death, Google+ Admins Now Censoring Mildly Offensive Images

Posted by on December 29, 2011 at 6:16 pm

The image above of formee full-time TechCrunch writer, and complete Apple fanboi, MG Siegler, was removed from Google’s services abruptly. As he writes on his blog, he’s not mad about the incident, but he is curious about Google’s opaque policies regarding photos that feature flipped birds. While all services have issues with policy in their youth, this strikes me as odd considering Google has had years to learn from Facebook regarding this stuff. That they failed to disclose this to MG is another issue entirely.

In turn, the act inspired his former TechCrunch colleagues to prominently display their middle fingers to visiting users as well. It seems to me that if Google wants to entice people into joining their service, perhaps they should create a better service. Google has acknowledged that building out their Google+ is going to be a marathon, rather than a sprint, which is a charming expression: Microsoft used it when their Xbox was trailing the PlayStation 2 by a large margin, but they ultimately trounced Sony with their Xbox 360. Google has other issues to sort through, like making the service actually decent, rather than a shell of an experience, so hopefully they stop censoring the bird and start making Google+ a place worth revisiting.

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