Star Wars : The Old Republic Peripherals From Razer – Pre-Order Now Available

Posted by on December 4, 2011 at 9:11 pm

If you’re anything like me, you love a nice, new, crisp, responsive mouse and keyboard for ultimate gaming pwnage. Well, lucky for those of us who plan on playing Star Wars : The Old Republic, Razer has announced a full suite of peripherals for the upcoming MMO and they’re now available for pre-orders.

Read on for the sexy details!

MMMMMMM, new hardware. There’s pretty much nothing like it and you can now start pre-ordering your new gear from Razer, makers of some of the finest gaming peripherals, EVAR!

So what’s available for us? I’ll show ya!


First off is the new SW:TOR edition, 17 button wireless gaming mouse of unholy death stabbing. This will be available in both Jedi and Sith colors and comes with the charging stand.

Here’s the mouse in Sexy-Sith Red and Jedi-Wuss Blue. So hot!

Of course, you’ll immediately note the 12 programmable buttons along the left side of the mouse, which will allow players to perform myriad commands and actions with a quick flick of their little thumbies. This is some serious business right here. Both models are available for $139.99.

Mouse Mats

Of course every good mouse needs a good mouse pad and Razer has that covered too, with the SW:TOR edition mouse pads, specially designed in an off-world laboratory by a team of Nobel prize winning doctors and physicists to be the ultimate gaming mouse pad.

That’s right, ULTIMATE!

Note the sexy Empire logo in the center.
I’d mention the Republic logo but…pfft, Republic.

The ultimate mouse-mats feature reversible sides (smooth and hard) in a metal frame made of 100% pure, indestructible winnium, forged in the firey depths of Charlie Sheen’s soul and tempered with tiger’s blood. The mouse pads can be ordered for $49.99


What good is anyone without a keyboard? Well, I’ll tell you, they’re just no good at all.

If you don’t have a keyboard, you can’t do anything and if you don’t have a SW:TOR edition keyboard from Razer, you’re just about as much of a threat, in a match of Hutt-ball, as a cute cuddly little puppy.

This is YOU, without a Star Wars : The Old Republic keyboard, from Razer

These keyboards feature programmable macro keys and 10 adaptive tactile keys and feature a full-color, multi-touch, LCD track-pad which you can use for…lots of stuff!

These bad mamma-jammas are also available in Empire and Republic versions so you can fully customize your gaming area.

Sexy-Sith Red
Jedi-Wuss Blue

These are each available for $249.99 (Except the Republic version, which will cost you $249.99, and 100% of your pride and self-worth) and are available for pre-order now!


You’re going to need to have good situational awareness when you’re out there so those dirty Jedi dogs won’t be able to sneak up and stab you in the back so that means you’re going to need the new 7.1 surround headset from Razer.

These headsets feature backlit faction logos, multicolor (adjustable) LED lighting and built in flip-up microphone so you can chat with your Sith buddies while you’re out there slaughtering Jedi. It also seems to come with a rare color crystal which will turn your lightsaber or blaster bolts green so you can kill your enemies with flair!

It’s don’t get much sexier than that!
meh…Republic…blah blah blah.

These ultra-sexy headsets are available for $129.99 and will add a whole new dimension of badassery to your gaming so head on over to Razer and scoop up a pair!

All peripherals have an estimated shipping date of 12/15 which means they should be at your home and ready to use before launch…As long as you order them NOW!

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  • Chris S.

    There aren’t different models for each color.  They actually have a 16.7 million color LED backlighting option and and interchangable.  In other words, there’s only 1 keyboard, 1 mouse, and 1 flippable mousepad.  Double the bang for you buck.

    • That’s cool with me, as long as MY gear never has republic colors or insignia on them, I’m otay!

  • Guest

    The tactile keys being on the right hand side of the keyboard is a complete joke. You  arent going to take your hands of the mouse to use the. So Silly. And overpriced.
    Whoever designed it should be fired..

    • Elitezefire

      I agree who is going to release his right hand from the mouse to press these buttons.
      I think they have made very bad work here

    • Tim Hosey

      It’s mainly if you’re using the trackpad versus a mouse. Those buttons are a logical replacement to the side mouse buttons.

      • DING DING DING DING DING…We have a winnar!

    • Man…someone took a big gulp of the haterade this morning.