Tweetdeck For Desktop: For When You Use Twitter Or Facebook A Lot

Posted by on December 9, 2011 at 8:49 am

Before most of its users were replaced by unfeeling robots, I used to be a Twitter fiend. A few years ago, I used the Twhirl desktop app to keep track of all my tweets, @’s, and private messages, but when support dropped for it (the guy was acqhired, as TechCrunch puts it, by Seesmic), I went to Chrome extensions. When those all failed, one by one over time, I just gave up on the whole thing. If you’re a power user like me (i.e., multiple accounts) then Twitter’s own site only works so well before you’re logging in and out of profiles and it just becomes a mess. That’s why Tweetdeck exists. Their Android app is honestly the most important one on my phone, but how does its sparkling new desktop version handle when you’re at your computer most of the time? Let’s find out…

If you use the Tweetdeck mobile app, then you’re going to feel plenty at home here. If you’re unaware of what Tweetdeck is, it’s basically a stream management tool. You can have numerous columns dedicated to most any specific information you want. By default, it’ll give you the standard timeline, mentions, and so forth, but with multiple accounts, you can replicate those streams several times over. Tweetdeck also integrates with Facebook, so you can integrate your News Feed into the fray as well as any mentions or likes you’d normally see on your normal Facebook page. It can be information overload if you let it. The app is solid and it’s free and it’s the first major iteration since Twitter bought them out earlier this year. It beats the pants off of Adobe AIR apps, which used to be the primary method to acquire this app. So let’s break it down:


  • Easy to manage tons of information
  • Clean look and feel
  • Easy to customize with plenty of space to add that specific feed you need so dearly
  • Seamless Facebook integration
  • Facebook updates lack the blue coloring that the mobile app has.
  • No manual refresh
  • Pain to move columns around. No drag and drop, so make sure you’re comfortable in your settings or be prepared to click, click, click to get stuff just right.
  • Start menu notification highlight would be cool
  • Tweetdeck’s new blue logo isn’t as cool as their yellow one
Go download the app at!

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