Verizon + Another National 4G Outage = Sadface

Posted by on December 21, 2011 at 10:10 am

Well, here we go again. Verizon is suffering yet another 4G LTE outage this month.

They say technical issues are to blame…naturally.

Let’s talk about this.

When I signed up for Verizon’s ultra fast 4G LTE service, I knew I was coming in as an early adopter. I knew the technology behind the technology was new and mostly untried, untested and untrued. I was happy, though because most of the time I was ripping around the interwebs with blazing fast speed, doing whatever I needed to do; And I was doing it almost as fast as I would be on my PC at home.

Lately, though Verizon has been experiencing lots of problems with their 4G service and are now in the midst of their second nation-wide outage this month.

And did they even bother to email or send me an SMS message, telling me the service was down? NOPE! I had to find out on Google, last night. Way to go Verizon, YAY!

So I, like many others, decided to call Verizon support, in an attempt to to find out what is going on…here’s what I learned:

There is, indeed, an outage…yeah, no shit.

There is no eta on restored service.

The trained chimp I spoke to couldn’t comment as to the cause of the issue but assured me that they are doing everything they can to restore service as soon as possible.

Ok, fine, that’s great but c’mon Verizon. I use my phone for a lot of things. I talk to the guys from FEZ, I read mail, I pull data about web traffic, I do research and I use any number of internet-enabled apps. Sure a lot of these work fine on 3G but what happens when the 3G goes down too? Last night, for example, I was only able to get a 1X connection. My Samsung flip-phone from 2002 would do that.

I don’t want this to come off as some self-entitled rant because it isn’t. I know problems happen. I know servers crash and bugs appear out of nowhere and sometimes a drunk, homeless guy takes a leak on a transformer and causes a massive power outage whilst simultaneously relocating his boy-bits across a 3 block radius but let’s have a plan in place, shall we?

When we have a service interruption that effects every customer in the country, let’s get a few dozen people out of bed to start working on the problem, pronto. Let’s also at least TRY to let our customers know that something is awry so they don’t spend 30 minutes troubleshooting connectivity, only to find out by a Google search that your service is dead.

It’s the least you can do for your paying customers, right?

So, in closing: Verizon, I am very unamused by your shenanigans. Call someone and yell at them, then get me my 4G back. Also, call me when it is fixed so I can tell you, in great detail, how much you make me want to punch all the boxes of kittens.

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