At $249.99, Kinect For Windows Is A Massive Rip-Off

Posted by on January 9, 2012 at 9:36 pm

At Microsoft’s last CES keynote, the company unveiled that a dedicated version of the Xbox 360 Kinect sensor would be arriving specifically for Windows on February 1st. If you’ve been under a rock since the Kinect released originally, you’ll know that hackers and modders have taken the sensor through its paces to develop some really cool applications, including 3D modelling, crazy motion capture, and all of this at a higher resolution than the Xbox 360 can handle natively. What Microsoft didn’t unveil tonight was the price, which is an absolutely gob-stopping $249.99. Yes, for over twice as much as a Kinect sensor that you can buy at any electronics store, you can own the Kinect For Windows in a special box (because it’s for Windows, yo!), comes with the Kinect SDK (because you couldn’t just download it) and a shorter cable. On top of that, Microsoft states that this specific version of Kinect is inoperable without the SDK installed. So what exactly are you getting for $249.99, aside from the brazen feeling of being ripped completely off?

Uh, well, you get a cool box, I suppose. I certainly hope this is a joke because we’re going to see the Xbox 360 Kinect disappear off shelves long before people sink bongo cash into this. Better luck next time, Microsoft.

Source: Amazon via Major Nelson

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