BeastRig Announces Their Beastrig Line Of Gaming PC’s

Posted by on January 23, 2012 at 7:25 pm

So, you’ve been playing SWTOR for a few weeks now and you’re getting little tired of getting ganked into the middle of unholy shit ratchet by the zit-faced 12 year olds with their high end computers their mommy and daddy bought them for Christmas as a reward for not getting straight F’s for the sixth semester in a row, right? Well, there’s help!

Beastrig has just announced their new line of gaming PC’s for the masses.

Here’s the official announcement.

PHILADELPHIA–BeastRig, a custom gaming personal computer (GPC) manufacturer, launches BeastRig Gaming PCs. BeastRig’s high performance gaming PCs feature:

personalized support
top quality components

“The problem with the industry now is that customers are given too many choices with too little knowledge, which leads to uninformed buying decisions,” says Chris Motes, CTO and Co-Founder of BeastRig. “This leads to incompatibility, low return on investment and flat out disappointment. BeastRig experts have done the research for you, allowing us to offer the customer only meaningful options that will ensure their GPC meets their standards.”

Deviating from industry norms, every BeastRig comes standard with liquid cooling, solid-state operating system drive with a large data drive, high-speed memory and high-performance power supply. All components are housed in only select modified cases from industry leaders in quiet computing and cooling architecture. BeastRig GPC has made proactive decisions like this to assure swift startup, lightning-fast response and supreme reliability from every machine they sell, not just those with every upgrade.

These are standard options because they are the core infrastructure components around which BeastRig GPC builds each machine. BeastRig’s dedication to every customer’s gaming experience makes their machines superior products.

“We think too many gaming PC builders offer, and allow their customers to buy, products that are inferior in order to appear cheaper or have lower bottom lines,” says Javier Cortes, CFO and Co-Founder. “At BeastRig, the consumer is not bombarded with hundreds of options they may not understand, do not need, or do not want. Sure, we could offer you a low-end product with cheap parts simply to make a sale, but we know that would compromise the integrity of our product and our reputation.”

BeastRig’s commitment to gamers does not end with high-quality, performance parts. Their machines look as good as they perform. Each rig is crafted with considerable expense toward internal and external aesthetics. Cable color and management, lighting and overall style is just as important to us as how the machine benchmarks the latest games. They also offer lifetime, personalized customer support on every BeastRig. Finally, each BeastRig is quality tested to make sure that it exceeds industry standards, going through a rigorous 72 hour stress-testing phase prior to shipment.

BeastRig Gaming PC Specs – starting at $1099:

Modified CoolerMaster or Zalman GS1200 chassis
AMD3+, Z68 LGA1155 or X79 LGA2011 motherboard
AMD3+, Intel i5 or i7 Sandy Bridge processor
Solid-state OS drive
500GB+ data hard drive
Radeon or GeForce GTX graphics (SLI opt.)
Cooler Master eXtreme or Silent Pro power supply
4GB+ 1866MHZ DDR3 RAM memory
Liquid cooling system
60-in-1 media reader
DVD-RW (Blu-Ray RW or Blu-Ray combo opt.)
Windows 7 Premium (Pro, Ultimate opt.)
1 year parts & labor (up to 4 year opt.) warranty
Lifetime support warranty
About BeastRig

BeastRig was created by PC and gaming experts with over 15 years of experience in gaming, technical support, PC design, and system analysis. BeastRig custom builds state-of-the-art PCs by hand using the best components. For more information, visit

So if you’re in the market for a new gaming rig, get your ass on over to, order a new box and put Scooter on his ass. Your ego will thank you for it.

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