New USPS Ad Attacking Email Because Viruses Are Scary

Posted by on January 25, 2012 at 3:21 pm

USPS is obviously not targeting my generation because I will honestly forger about a bill if it’s on a piece of paper and not in my email. The ad starts off saying that a refrigerator has never been hack. Lets say that it’s never been hacked yet but I’m sure when the prices of connected fridges drop someone will hack them to spoil your milk because they can.

I’m all for the mail, if I order something that is not downloadable then I get all excited when I come home and check the mailbox or porch to see if my package has arrived! I hate it when it takes longer than a couple of days for something to get to me. In fact I will pay a little more to be able to get it right now from a local retail store. I know, I’m really impatient. Ever since I moved into a house I’ve hated checking the mail because all I get is circulars and approved credit card applications. I would seriously say that only one day out of the week is there something that I need from the mail and it’s usually a bill because the company that sent it has not caught up to the present and snail mails everything.

I put those bills in a pile and walk away. That pile gets big enough I look through it and freak out when I find something I didn’t pay for. Everything else then gets trashed. All the junk mail goes into a paper bag that I then recycle. Because I have a good conscious I pay to recycle my junk mail, there is usually nothing else that is picked up for recycling except for that.

I just really came to the realization that I seriously pay to receive junk mail, what in the fucking fuck!

For any bills, invoices or software/games/movies/music you should avoid the mail at all costs. If I get a bill electronically I can easily pay it right then or if I want to pay it later I can flag that email and then come back and mark of things that I’ve paid. With digital downloads for the aforementioned I get instant gratification, well after it’s downloaded, and I save on money for gas and time. That’s right I will say my time is pretty valuable.

I wish I could think of a solution that wouldn’t involve a lot of people losing their jobs but I can’t of one. If you have any ideas let us know in the comments and check out the commercial below.

[via: N8]

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