Rumor – The End of Microsoft Points

Posted by on January 24, 2012 at 12:35 pm

A few days ago, we challenged Microsoft to do away with the annoying Microsoft Points currency system that they use on Xbox Live, Zune and Games for Windows. According to the latest rumor out of Redmond, it looks like Microsoft may be rising to that challenge and abandoning Microsoft Points.

As reported by InsideMobileApps, the news comes from a source aware of Microsoft’s decision. Apparently, Microsoft plans to do away with Microsoft Points by the end of 2012, at which time they will move to a regular currency-based system. If you have leftover points (and most of us do, as that’s how the Points system was designed), those points will be converted into local currency after the switch.

This is a good move by Microsoft because it would finally bring Microsoft’s various services into line. As we pointed out in our previous article, prices on Xbox Live are currently listed in both dollars and Microsoft Points, which is confusing. Zune on PC uses Microsoft Points exclusively, while Windows Phone doesn’t use points at all.

A world without Microsoft Points is one where you know exactly how much something costs when you buy it on Xbox Live or Zune. It’s a world where you don’t have to buy chunks of a made-up currency from Microsoft, spend more than necessary doing so and then find yourself with leftovers after the transaction is over. It’s a beautiful world, indeed.

Via: InsideMobileApps

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