Sites Involved in SOPA/PIPA Protest, Son, I am Disappoint

Posted by on January 18, 2012 at 6:12 pm

If you have visited our site in the last 12 hours you have seen a message about us being opposed to SOPA/PIPA and a link to That’s it. No getting to our website to read anything, just that message and link. That’s what a protest is. I was a little disappointed in other sites that went “dark” in protest.

Reddit started this with a post saying they would be going dark for 12 hours. We thought it was a good idea and decided to follow then other sites began the same thing, Wikipedia even said they were going dark for 24 hours, I thought damn, maybe we should be the entire day also but then I thought, no 12 hours is enough to get the point out there. When midnight came around I was so excited to check Wikipedia and found that their SOPA protest page, very simple asking for your zip code to get you contact info for your local Representatives. Johnny said he was still able to surf no problem so I took a closer look as saw that they were just using JavaScript to overlay the page and if you had JavaScript disabled you could surf Wikipedia all day. Their mobile site didn’t even try to block you but instead showed a message.

Today I was very excited to see what other sites were doing, some of them had pop-up windows that you could easily close while others had just banners or featured articles talking about why they were against it with links to find local Representatives.

This to me is the equivalent of protesting McDonald’s for example by picketing in front of their restaurant while eating a Big Mac…

There were sites out there like ours, reddits and Destructoid’s that did a good job by not letting you through! I applaud any other site that decided to go all in!

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