Skype, Get Your Act Together Or We’re Leaving You

Posted by on January 8, 2012 at 9:04 am

We at FleshEatingZipper have been using Skype in all in its previous iterations for the past two years. In fact, we made our start with the program, we probably wouldn’t be around today without it: it’s how we made and recorded our podcasts. We dealt with the various interface changes and so on since then, but now… now it’s hard to say exactly what we’re gonna do, now that we’ve been faced with this latest batch of Skype problems.

A few nights ago, we were setting up to do our Monthly Caucus when starting up Skype and clicking anywhere on the interface produced the crash dialogue you see above. The problem persisted: every single time I opened the program, it kept crashing. I rebooted, no solution. Kelly and Johnny had the same issues: they too would have it crash as soon as they did something with the program. I downloaded the Skype installer again, uninstalled and reinstalled it and the problem seemed fixed. Kelly too, but Johnny, our podcast host, was continuing to have issues, carrying on his troubleshooting for a full hour and a half. We gave up for the evening when he moved to an alternate computer and it worked fine. He returned to his main machine and, voila!, and it started working again miraculously. We wasted an entire evening because Skype gave us so many issues just trying to use it that it was embarrassing. Last night again as we started to plan for our E3 trip, my client kept crashing again randomly. I uninstalled/reinstalled, then rebooted to no avail. I ended up having to take the chat through Skype on my phone, which crashed on its own merit once as well.

I’m not sure what’s happening to Skype as a program, but these kind of issues were happening before the Microsoft acquisition. As a tool that we use regularly, it’s a shame that we’re doing our research into alternates because they can’t keep their client stable. It’s simply ludicrous how much time we’ve had to put in troubleshooting it for naught.

Is it so hard to ask for a Skype that just works?

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