The FBI is Going To Monitor Facebook, Twitter & MySpace. Who Cares?

Posted by on January 30, 2012 at 10:19 am

The FBI recently put out an request for information for someone to build an app that scraps data from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (I thought that was dead), Google+ (lol) and news websites to have real time information on anything they wanted at any given time. To me it sounds like a private search engine and I say who cares, let them.

The information that they are gathering is stuff that is available publicly and if you have a problem then make your profiles private. The government can already do far more snooping with the Patriot Act. I have a bigger problem with the fact that potential employers or banks can look at my public profile and have the ability to turn me down for a job or a loan based off of what I say or who I hang out with.

When I deal with people professionally I talk properly, don’t curse and make sure that I’m very polite. This is what is required in when you are representing something or someone else. Here and on my social profiles, I’m me, representing myself. Curse words get dropped frequently, I don’t use correct punctuation/spelling/grammar unless I’m writing an article and that isn’t even that good – you know what I mean! Boom, dissed myself!

the moral of the story is if you are not doing stuff that would be a threat to national security or something then you should be fine because they don’t care what you had for breakfast or how many cats you have and that you smoked the refers.

If you want the complete run down with all the requirements and stuff check out this ZDNet article. As a side note, request for information or request for proposals are bullshit and a waste of time, I’ve done contracting, you basically spend a bunch of time telling your ideas and costs without a guarantee of getting the contract. /Rant

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