Microsoft Unveils New Windows 8 Logo. It’s Awful.

Posted by on February 17, 2012 at 6:42 pm

Microsoft’s fallen into an odd position. From its re-introduction of Windows Phone while trying to recover Windows sales (after Vista failed to ignite like XP did) to the creeping threat that their dominance of the desktop isn’t going to matter too much going forward, Microsoft has had a lot on its plate. As part of their Windows 8 reinvention, the company unveiled a new logo that fits their new post-PC strategy with the OS.

I hate it.

Starting with Windows 3.1 twenty years ago, Microsoft shifted to a flag-based logo that’s been standard since. Horace Luke, former Microsoft designer (and key man behind the look of the original Xbox) redid the ‘shattered’ look from the 90s with the single four-panel curve with Windows XP a decade ago that we’re all used to today. The company states they’re moving away from the ‘flag’ motif and actually making it look like a window. As I mention in the new N5 show (out soon!) I think it’s a solid idea, but it’s dumb execution. They say it’s Metro-inspired, but the skew looks odd and the rectangular tiles (which are common to 8, as opposed to the square-ish ones on Windows Phone) look lax and slothenly. It looks like a logo for a new glass-cleaner identity, rather than the next large OS to hit the market.

Sure they don’t need a flag, but this is bland execution at best.

You can read all about the evolution of the Windows logo at the source below.

Source: Windows Blog

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