Microsoft Updating Bing Vision with Newspaper Match this March

Posted by on February 17, 2012 at 4:28 pm

While Microsoft continues enhancing and pushing Windows Phone 7, one feature that has been in my opinion, one of Windows Phone’s top features is their Bing Vision search. Now, Google Goggles provides a similar experience, essentially an app that allows you to scan QR codes, bar codes, or an image/landmark to search instances of the object on the web, however Bing Vision works more dynamically and in my testings provides more useful results. One such example is if I open Bing Vision over the front of a Book, the app will immediately pull up a link for the book in Amazon where I can go and purchase the book. This kind of search provides a quick and simple way to comparison shop or easily purchase a product.

With the latest update set to hit in March, Microsoft has upped the ante and introduced Bing Vision Newspaper Match. What this will allow you to do is to take a picture of a newspaper or other publication and Bing will return a digital copy of the publication. I imagine this can be useful when reading on the go or if you want to share the article via social network or email. Microsoft will provide access to over 3,000 publications once it launches. We should hear more about this during Mobile World Congress later this month.

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