Spotify Is Killing Me; Xbox Live Music Can’t Come Soon Enough

Posted by on February 20, 2012 at 7:52 pm

It wasn’t long after Spotify’s Facebook Timeline functionality was unveiled in late September that I gave up on the Zune Pass service that I’d been using for four and a half years. Unfortunately, while Spotify has a social edge, their rubbish software (primarily the Android app) is killing me.

So what’s the big deal? The thing is, Spotify has become incredibly popular in the wake of their recent Facebook tie-in, but their app is completely garbage. While I listen to most of my music at home, it’s an awful experience when Spotify crashes on every other song. Or it goes offline all the time and it won’t even load my locally-stored music. While Zune had a dicey first year with their barely-converted Windows Media Player software, it still worked like a champ. Spotify will simply not work.

But there are rumors abound that Microsoft is re-launching its music effort with a new Xbox Live-branded music and movie rental service that will replace Zune (sniff). If they can get it working, I’ll give them my money again. At that, they’ll still need a monthly subscription (which appears likely) and have the same social hooks as Spotify. If the rumors are true that they’ll even let me import my old play counts and badges, that’ll be even better.

I might even consider getting a Windows Phone again.

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