Yikes, Microsoft Taking Another Stab at Google

Posted by on February 23, 2012 at 2:48 pm

Earlier this month we posted a video where Microsoft was ripping Google’s Gmail service a new one. Now Microsoft is taking another stab at Google but this time it’s about Google Apps.

If these weren’t uploaded to Microsoft’s official YouTube channel I would never think this actually came from them but instead a comedy troupe out there. Microsoft is going after Google because everything they come out with seems to stay in beta for years and that you are essentially a lab rat when you use Google productivity apps with features being taken away at the snap of a finger. You know like the fact we used Google Wave and now it’s gone.

It’s actually a pretty funny video but their are obviously more Google fans out there than Microsoft because the video is getting hated on really badly. For me when it comes to email and word processors, I’ve been using Microsoft for so long, Exchange and Outlook just work beautifully together. I’m really torn between them both. Which are you a fan of and as long as it isn’t Lotus Notes, we can be friends!

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