Full Body Scanners May Be Easily Bypassed

Posted by on March 8, 2012 at 10:37 am

The other day, Jonathan Corbett posted a video that went viral on what he claims are ways to bypass the full body scanners that the TSA uses easily. This video went viral because it looks like it would work. So how easy was it and what did Jonathan do?

After seeing what the full body scanner produces as images he saw the objects in question would show up black on a white-ish glow of the persons body. The other thing he noticed was that the background of the image was completely black. What if you had the object on your side? The body scanners make you stand in one place and only scan the front and back and not the side. So Jonathan decided to try it out and sewed a pocket on the side of his shirt and put a metal cigarette holder. The first time it worked so he tried it again at another airport and it worked again.

It really doesn’t come as a surprise that you can easily fool these things, if you look at the background of which companies got the contracts to make these expensive machines you see it’s tied to people of power and the TSA has been called out on so many things before with people getting guns through the checkpoints to other weapons.

I was curious to what the TSA had to say about this and they didn’t disappoint me. “A video is making its way around the interwebs this morning from some guy claiming he figured out a way to beat our body scanners (imaging technology). I watched the video and it is a crude attempt to allegedly show how to circumvent TSA screening procedures.”

I love how this is just from some guy claiming to do something. The response goes on saying they can’t let people know how it works because it’s super secret technology but everyone is safe. The TSA is not going away for at least another 10 years, which is ridiculous. I just wish the government would come out with something that works and show us. Please.

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