OnLive Desktop Running Windows May Be Illegal

Posted by on March 8, 2012 at 4:37 pm

Just when you were taught that running a full scale desktop OS on a tablet is the worst experience ever… OnLive, the cloud gaming platform that never really did catch on, created an iPad app not to long ago that let you remotely use your Windows computer through the iPad. While there are some legitimate uses for this, mostly using Microsoft Office or accessing files that are tucked away on your desktop PC, it appears OnLive could be in some trouble.

In a post today the Corporate VP of Licensing Joe Matz reiterated what the company’s terms allow for in Windows virtualization. Additionally he specifically called the Onlive Desktop an “issue.” Additionally he mentioned that Microsoft is currently in talks with OnLive in order to bring them into a properly licensed agreement. While I have no doubt OnLive would much prefer to stay on the legal end of Microsoft’s deep pocketed lawyers, I also don’t know if OnLive can afford this approach unless their product is one of significant success as their other portfolios seem to currently be lagging. Another questoin worth noting is how popular will a service like this be once Windows 8 is launched on ARM based tablets in the future? Only time well tell.

Source: ZDNet

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