The Because Everyone Else Has an iPad Article, Article

Posted by on March 8, 2012 at 12:07 pm

I couldn’t resist not writing an article about The new iPad even though we try to stay away from stories that everyone writes about. We’re small and not at these events and I was on GDGT and The Verge watching their live blogs just like all of you guys! I don’t personally own an iPad, I’ve used them but I don’t really need one. Sure, toys are fun but I don’t think I would use it as much as I do my computer and phone.

Hell, I had a Samsung tablet sitting on my shelf for months that I finally returned (Samsung hasn’t forgiven us for that yet by the way!) and never used. It was there, and like the iPad and other tablets they are fun for me to play with. I get it though that there are people out there that would use it all the time but that’s not me. So why do I want The new iPad so much?

I laughed when they showed that like 54% of gamers prefer the iPad to their consoles, yeah, hardcore Facebook gamers, amirite? The new iPad is actually a beast and dammit why did they name it “The new iPad?” Argh!

So yes, The new iPad has a beefed up A5X processor, every cell technology (that I couldn’t use if I stuck with AT&T), a 5MP camera, 2048×1536 display (that’s more pixels than my monitor)and some other goodies that no one cares about.

One thing you can count on Apple to do is raise the bar and make every other manufacturer scramble to come out with a competing product. So I still haven’t decided if I want to buy The new iPad yet even after I was so close to buying an iPad to with Nick, just because we were being spontaneous last year.

Still thinking…

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