Lenovo – The Jetpack: When Do Gets Done

Posted by on April 19, 2012 at 3:00 pm

Are you an inventor? Do you like to get things done? Even if you answered no to either one of those questions, listen up and listen up good. Raymond Li had a dream. A dream to build something that everyone said couldn’t be built. A jetpack. But this is no ordinary jetpack and he needed a little help.

Raymond Li, with the help of his Lenovo laptop built a water-powered jetpack. Jetlev R200 lets you fly 30 feet above the water, traveling at a top speed of 25 MPH for only *cough* $100k *cough*. Did I mention he owned a Lenovo? Raymond is obviously a very savvy computer user.

Lenovo produced the the ThinkPad for IBM before they finally said, look IBM, you might as well just stop selling computers because you don’t even make them anymore, we do. Give us the ThinkPad line and we’ll take it from here. (not how it went down) IBM obliged and now Lenovo is the second largest PC maker in the world!

Next time you are in the market for a new home PC, laptop, tablet or server be smart and choose Lenovo (we’re not just saying that because they’re a sponsor, we swear!). I like saying the word Lenovo. Lenovo, Lenovo, Lenovo.


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