Should You Buy A New Phone Right Now?

Posted by on April 2, 2012 at 4:06 pm

Buying new technology is always a risk. Anything you buy’s going to be obsolete in a week or two, anyway. But as we near summer and do that ‘go outside’ thing more often, millions of us are looking to upgrade their phones. Sure, there are new releases, like HTC’s One X, but is this really the best time to do it? Can’t you wait a little bit? I’ll cover the pros and cons.

Pros To Buying A New Phone Right Now

  • Price. Maybe you don’t need the biggest and the best piece of kit out there. Previous generations of phones are going down in price, or they’re free, and the hottest stuff over the holiday is dropping MSRP as well. There are still plenty of great models out there to be had.
  • New Releases. Springtime isn’t usually a great time of year for hardware releases, but this year seems pretty okay. HTC is releasing both the One X and One S models, their first with Android 4.0, Nokia is launching the Lumia 900 (Keith’s object of affection), and uh, well… those three at least.

Cons To Buying A New Phone Right Now

  • Price. If you’re interested in something a little bit more robust and futureproof, the pricing just isn’t that far off from initial offering. You’re still going to spend $199.99 for a flagship phone and, if you’re a sucker, $299.99. Still, the discounts just aren’t quite that deep yet, especially with new hardware on the horizon…
  • New Releases. Springtime isn’t usually a great time of year because Fall and Winter are where it’s at. Oh sure, you’ll have a few mid-range phones between now and then, but let’s break it down: Android phones typically debut in Fall and many of the models releasing right now are still running moldy old Gingerbread, or in the case of HTC One models, still have a stupid skin on top of it. Apple will show off a new phone in either June or September (if they follow the iPhone 4S example), and Windows Phones… uh. We’ll probably see the Galaxy S III in September, which will still serve as Android’s 2012 flagship phone across all carriers, and the next Nexus phone will be “Christmas time”. Having many phones unveiled in the same few months seems a lot like a gaming problem, but chances are you aren’t buying three or phones at once.

Look, I know the wait can be dreadful, but if you’re dying for a new phone, this just isn’t the right time of year for it. Trust me, we’ll let you know.

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