Microsoft Buys Yammer & People Flip Out For No Reason

Posted by on June 25, 2012 at 3:59 pm

It was just a matter of time until the enterprise social network, Yammer was to be acquired. Microsoft was the one to pull the trigger buying Yammer for $1.2 billion in cash. It’s funny to see people that have never heard of Yammer flip out on Microsoft for buying a social network. Let me break this down for people who have no idea so they don’t sound dumb in comments on other websites.

First of all, Yammer is not Facebook or Twitter, they are not even competing with them. This is something for business users, an internal social network with collaboration tools that is extremely useful. When working in corporate environments there is really no single source to find out what’s going on in the company as a whole or to collaborate. Sure, you can say that you use SharePoint but SharePoint is really only good for sharing documents.

Let’s just name some things that Yammer solves in corporate environments:

  • Contacts, easily find contact information for anyone in the company
  • See an organizational chart of employees, see who reports to who
  • See what expertise your co-workers have
  • Keep in contact with multiple people without having to email back and forth
  • Easily make company announcements
  • Easily organize meetings and events
  • Share and easily search for files
  • Real-time colab/editing of documents

There is so many benefits for a company to use Yammer so before you say that it will never compete against Facebook or Twitter, just look the company up. Hopefully if you read this it will give you more insight on what Yammer is and you will sound super smart when make comments and/or someone bring Yammer up in a conversation.

DISCLAIMER: No one at FleshEatingZipper is affiliated with Yammer. We are not getting paid to make them sound good. Hell, we don’t even use Yammer internally, we are just fans of Yammer and factual information.

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